Get highest 3 salary in Oracle 10g

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Here's how to get the highest three salaries in HR Schema using SQL.

# Old method was using ROWNUM , but it's not accurate  because it returns the first 3 rows only using the following code :


  FROM   (  SELECT   last_name, salary

              FROM   employees

          ORDER BY   salary DESC)


here's what you  get :

King 24,000
Kochhar 17,000
De Haan 17,000

But  using an other method using Dense_Rank() Over , returns results more accurate.
Here's the code:
  FROM   (SELECT   last_name, salary,
                   DENSE_RANK () OVER (ORDER BY salary DESC) top_rank
            FROM   employees)
 WHERE   top_rank <= 3
here's what you get :
King 24,000 1
Kochhar 17,000 2
De Haan 17,000 2
Russell 14,000 3
Thanks for  CodeProject Site

LogMeIn XP install bugs , how to fix !

The official LogmeIn installer for windows XP and server 2003  does not  work.

The old  installer worked perfect , you can download it from here..

But after installing LogMeIn on Windows Server 2003 , I got Your Computer Offline error .

Me and my friend Nouh  could fix it by the following steps :
# open Internet Explorer -
# goto Tools - Advanced 
# scroll to the end of it 
# enable TLS 1.0  
# disbale  SSL 3.0.
you're done !

Accessing your Virtualbox Guest from your Host OS

  1. If your guest machine is running, shut it down first.
  2. Click on File->Preferences in the VirtualBox menu-bar.
  3. Select the Network option from the side menu and click on the Host-only networks tab.
  4. The default options for the newly-created Host-only network should be fine. If not, you can add the following data manually, by clicking on the Edit button in the DHCP Server tab.
    • Server Address192.168.56.100
    • Server Mask255.255.255.0
    • Lower Address Bound192.168.56.101
    • Upper Address Bound192.168.56.254
    Don't forget to check the Enable Server option.
  5. Now save all the settings in Preferences.
  6. Now open up the settings of your Guest machine and navigate to the Network option from the side menu and click on the Adapter 2 tab.
  7. In the Attached to section, click on the dropdown and choose Host-only Adapter and in the Name section nested in it, choose the newly-created Host-only network.
    Don't forget to check the Enable Network Adapter option.
  8. Save these settings and boot into your Guest machine.
  9. After logging in, type ifconfig. Note the new IP, it should be under a new interface like eth0 or vboxnet0. Now you can use this IP to SSH, view the webpages on your machine's Apache Server, etc..
Thanks to  2Ubuntu