Turn your Mac's internet connection into a Wi-Fi hotspot without any software

How to share your Mac's internet connection with your iPhone or iPad

Before beginning, be aware that Internet Sharing works for any computer running OS X Lion (10.6) or later.
  1. Click on the  icon in the top menu bar and select System Preferences.
  2. Now click on Sharing.
  3. Click on Internet Sharing and then tick the checkmark next to Wi-Fi.
  4. Now turn on Internet Sharing by clicking the tick mark next to Internet Sharingin the sidebar.
  5. Click Start on the menu that pops up in order to turn Internet Sharing on.
Your Mac should now show up as a Wi-Fi hotspot for your iPhone, iPad, and similar devices. Simply connect to it like you would any other Wi-Fi network. You can even change the name of your Mac in the same Internet Sharing menu to make it easier to find if you'd like.
Have you used Internet Sharing to turn your Mac into a WiFi hotspot? Where were you that you had to resort to Internet Sharing? Let me know in the comments!

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How to turn your Mac's internet connection into a Wi-Fi hotspot with Internet Sharing | iMor

How to Install Google Play Store on Blackberry Leap, Z30 and Z10

Here is a very good method to install Google on my Blackberry Z10 device and was installed successfully .

Unlike before, you would need to sideload any apk app to successfully install the app, but with your blackberry 10 devices, like blackberry leap, Z30, and Z10, I don't think you would be needing that process again.

The below method is a direct method that works perfectly, and make sure you have successfully updated the OS of your blackberry to 10.2.1 or above.

Guide to install Google Play Store on Blackberry 10 Devices

 Firstly, download the following apk files on your blackberry, via their links provided below;

 After downloading the above APK files, don't run them immediately, just install them. 

 After that, First run the Google play store, and you would be requested to login with a new or an already existing account, don't perform any action, simply close the app.

 After that, run the Blackberry Google ID, and register your device with your Google Play store ID.

 Now go back to your Google Play store, and login with the Google ID that you made use of in the previous step and that's it.

You've successfully install the Google Play store on Blackberry 10 devices like Blackberry Leap, Z10 and Z30.

All thanks to Colbalt 232 of Crackberry. You can check back on the source link for more updated version of Google Play store.

Source : How to Install Google Play Store on Blackberry Leap, Z30 and Z10 - The Genesis Of Tech:

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