Restore Oracle Application Server ias_admin password ?

Just go to the directory $ORACLE_HOME/sysman/j2ee/conf. In this directory you'll find the configuration file jazn-data.xml. Inside this configuration file you'll find the definition of the ias_admin user including his encrypted password:
Here's my own ORACLE_Home Path : c:\oracle\FRHome_1\sysman\j2ee\config\jazn-data.xml
  • snippet from jazn-data.xml
Inside the tag <credentials> you see the encrypted password of the ias_admin. To reset the password, just change the value inside the tag <credentials> as follows:

  • snippet from jazn-data.xml

The new password you have to provide in clear text has to start with a "!". Be aware that the new password must match the password rules: minimum 6 signs and one sign must be a number. After your changes, stop the ASC and restart it with following commands:

  • emctl stop iasconsole
  • emctl start iasconsole
Now you can login with your new password and inside the jazn-data.xml the provided password in clear text is automatically changed into an encrypted password.

Thanks to Dirk  Nachbar 

ora - 12514 and ora - 12505 tns listener error fixed

Here's how to fix this ora.

Open SQL Plus


then write the following lines :

show parameter local_listener

alter system set local_listener='(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=LOCALHOST)(PORT=1521))'  scope=both;

alter system register;

show parameter local_listener

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Windows Server 2003 external drives

After installing Microsoft Windows Server 2003 .
I found when attaching USB hard disk , it shows USB icon but does not mount Disk itself.

Here's how to fix it :
diskpart>automount enable   
diskpart>automount scrub    
Source : ServerFault

Battery icon missing in Windows 10 - Microsoft Community

For those who lost Battery Icon in the task bar here is how to fix it :

Device manager,Batteries
 disabled/ re-enabled AC Adapter 
disabled/ re-enabled ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery.
 The battery icon should appear almost immediately after doing so and it is still there after restarting computer. 

Battery icon missing in Windows 10 - Microsoft Community:

Extract characters between specific strings in Oracle

To Extract specific characters from text we usecombination of  SUBSTR or INST functions .

SUBSTR Function :

It cuts a part of the Character from a a position we  define.

Description of substr.gif follows

For example :


The result is :


INSTR Function :

It calculates the position of specific text we define inside Character.

For example :

SELECT   INSTR ('cocacola', 'co', 2) FROM DUAL

The result is :


We can use combination of INSTR and SUBSTR to extract characters between specific text as following:

SELECT SUBSTR('1/9/1438', 1 ,INSTR('1/9/1438', '/', 1, 1)-1) "DAY", SUBSTR('1/9/1438', INSTR('1/9/1438','/', 1, 1)+1,

INSTR('1/9/1438','/',1,2)-INSTR('1/9/1438','/',1,1)-1) "MONTH", SUBSTR('1/9/1438', INSTR('1/9/1438','/', 1, 2)+1) "YEAR"

FROM dual;

The result is :
1  9  1438

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