Fixing Internet Explorer Crash on Launching Oracle Forms

here is simple video shows how to fix  Internet Explorer crash when running Forms.
replace jvm.dll file in the following path :
C:\Program Files (x86)\Oracle\JInitiator\bin\hotspot
you can download jvm file from here.

Using Aliases in same query

Alias is very helpful to shorten long query in SQL.

To use Alias in the same query you can use the following method:

SELECT  A,B,C*50 from (select A,B,(A+B) as C from table).

note that you can choose  any column from inner-query to display it in outer-query.

but you cannot display a column in outer-query which is not exist in inner-query.

You can try this example using SCOTT schema:

select  SAL,COMM,COMM_RATE *100 from (
select SAL,COMM,(COMM/SAL) as COMM_RATE from emp)

Remove the 'Do you want to save changes?' Messages in Forms

here is it ...

1. Modify the CLEAR_ALL_MASTER_DETAILS procedure body. Change the existing CLEAR_BLOCK(ASK_COMMIT) to CLEAR_BLOCK(DO_COMMIT).

2. Specifying NO_COMMIT or NO_VALIDATE with the CLEAR_BLOCK built-in causes
Oracle Forms to flush the current block without performing a commit or prompting the operator.

Thanks to Dipankar...

Avoid FRM-40401 message

Use Standard.commit  instead of commit to prevent Oracle message :

Source :OraFAQ