Norton Ghost USB Disk

Norton Ghost is an application designed to take a snapshot of your windows partition  C  as an image or to take an image of whole disk to another disk.

The image you have just taken with extension .gho can be used at any time to restore your OS .

For all these reasons I wanted to have Ghost at Usb disk.

I found a tiny utility to  make that great trick called HP USB Disk Storage Format Utility.

Just run HP Utility and

# 1 Choose Device which you want to make bootable

# 2 Choose File System Fat Or NTFS(which is faster than FAT and Used When making windows usb installable)
Notice That if you chose FAT file system you can not make bootable usb.

# 3 Choose create a DOS start-up  and  locate files of Ghost on your computer and then press Start.

After that step goto Usb Disk and copy files of  Ghost CD to USB.

Here is file of Ghost ver 11.0 , extract files to usb.

# 4 After step 1,2,3 Restart your PC

# 5 Boot from USB ( F12 or Del or F2  to enter boot menu and select Hard disk then select USB disk you just made bootable)

# 6 To use Mouse  write Mouse then enter

# 7 Write Ghost then Enter to Load Norton Ghost....


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