Enable (hack) BlackBerry Browser without BIS/BES

This simple hack enables Blackberry default browser to use a normal internet plan instead of a costly dataplan or enables the browser for those who don’t have a dataplan. All you require is to get a cheaper normal GPRS/3G plan and configure the TCP/IP option in your blackberry. This hack in no way will affect your Push-mail and messaging services and you can always revert to the previous state easily too. So the following people are benefited with this hack:
· For all those using blackberry without a dataplan, they cannot access or use the default blackberry browser. Without access to the browser they wont be able to do an OTA install of apps or install the Blackberry ‘AppWorld’.
· In some countries, the Blackberry Dataplan is very costly. So using it to download apps and browsing will burn their pockets. These people will be benefited if they could access Browser using normal GPRS/3G plan which is way cheaper.
Follow these steps to do it:
First we need to enable legacy restore mode. To do that:
· Go to Options > Advanced Options > Service Book.
· For QWERTY models hold ALT and press ‘S’ ‘B’ ‘E’ ‘B”. For Sure-type (1/2 qwerty) models hold ALT and press ‘S’ ‘S’ ‘B’ ‘E’ ‘B’ & for touch screen models hold [!?123] until it show lock icon and press 4 ? 2 ? – means ALT ‘S’ ‘B’ ‘E’ ‘B’.
· You will then see the message "Legacy SB Restore Enable".
After that you are free to backup/Restore Service Book on your BlackBerry.
Now download this file: http://www.box.net/shared/j6lp6cii8g
It is a backup file(.ipd) which can be used to restore a specific service book. Now follow these steps
· Open Blackberry Desktop Manager.
· Select Backup and Restore, you will see main options, as follows:
· Click Advanced button. In Advanced option, click File. A drop down menu appears and then click Open. Now select the backup file that we downloaded.
· Then select Service Book at the left column and click ‘>>‘ button.
· After that, disconnect the phone from the PC and then goto Options >Advanced Options > Service book on your phone. And make sure there is Service Book with name ‘Browser Config [BrowserConfig]’ is there.
· Now you have to configure the browser to use this Service book. To do gotoOptions > Advanced Options > Browser and check if ‘Browser’ is selected as shown in the image below.
· Now go to your Blackberry Desktop. Voila…. there is your Browser icon.
· Next step is that you need Access Point in Options > Advanced Options >TCP. Fill those fields. If you don’t have those info’s, contact your service provider and ask them.
· Restart your phone and run Browser. Enjoy your new freedom. To install AppWorld, goto http://www.blackberry.com/appworld/download from your Blackberry Browser.
· If you see the Browser icon, You have Service Book on your phone. If theBrowser doesn’t work, go to Options Advanced Options > Browser and check if ‘Browser’ is selected. Then back to Home and try Browser again. with some lucky it will work
· If your BlackBerry have IT-Policy. Try to remove IT-Policy first and then Enable Browser.
· If you are still stuck somewhere, try reintalling the Blackberry OS(Upgrade or Downgrade) then retry this hack.
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