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Customized RUN dialog Shortcuts

Many of us including me feel it very easy and comfortable to open Microsoft Word by just typing "WINWORD" in the RUN dialog box and press enter.
It happens in three steps
·         WINDOWS Button + R
·         Type "WINWORD" into the Run dialog Box
·         And press ENTER
But as for PowerPoint you cannot open it by just typing "PPT" into the dialog box. Haven’t you ever wondered of customized RUN dialog shortcuts? If yes, then I am here for with a boon for you.
  • Right click “My Computer” icon
  • Choose “Properties” from context menu 
  • Click “Advanced” tab  

  • Click “Environment Variables” tab


  • Under System Variables, find PATH, and double click on it.

  •  In the Edit windows, modifyPATH by adding the location of the Folder “My Shortcuts” you have created at location “C:\Windows” to the value forPATH. 
Note: If you do not have the itemPATH, you may select to add a new variable and add PATH as the name and the location of the class as the value.  

Now you may need to place the shortcuts of any program on desktop and then move their shortcuts from desktop into this folder i.e. “C:\Windows\My Shortcuts”
Rename them according your need. For e.g.  I am using GM as shortcut to open GOD MODEtherefore I have rename the shortcut of GOD MODE as GM and placed it My Shortcuts, similarly I am using PPT for PowerPoint.

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