Run Windows XP from USB -Portable

The main reason pushed me to try variety of Linux distro. was the very light size and the ability to use all hardware without  any drivers definitions and using internet easily.

So I have just found a portable version of Windows XP which can run from USB , it runs fully from ram so there is no need to have hard disk installed.
The most amazing thing is size, I remember the smallest Linux distro I used  was SLITAZ with only 35 MegaBytes,but this Portable version of Windows is only 24 MegaBytes.

So if Windows failed to boot or you have faced any trouble booting your OS you can use this Portable Version.
The main advantage that is supports both of FAT and NTFS file systems.

It also support installing programs very easy as you were on Original Windows installed to your hd.

1- download the file below and extract it to any location in your hd.
2- run file "PeToUSB" and fellow steps to finish
3- boot your PC from USB HDD OR Kingston Data traveler ( the media you installed windows to  by PeToUSB)

NOTE this version I found it  does n `t support net , may be I am still trying it.

enjoyyy ..........

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