Install Arabic on BB 9360 OS 7.1 and Reviewing New Update

I have Blackberry 9360 with OS 7, while I was searching for an application to run radio on my device I found there is an update to BB 9360 .
The update software can be downloaded from RIM site here.

First let me say why to update to OS 7.1 :

  • FM Radio  included , lets you enjoy listening to radio anywhere with no money with no data fees
  • Mobile Hot spot , lets you share internet connection with others
  • Media server , which makes it easy to share music files over wi-fi
  • Parental Controls , makes parent keep an eye for their children
  • Battery Saving Mode , adjusts your phone settings to maximize remaining battery power
  • payment and Billing , setup PayPal credit card etc
  • Application Resource Monitor , identifies open applications in background which drains battery
  • Search History , keeps your search items 
After installing new software I coud not write in Arabic Language.
After many tries I could find the following method to solve that trouble.

1-install JL_cmder
-If Windows 8 right click install then choose Run As Administrator

2-Copy JavaLoader.exe to JL_Cmder Folder

3-Copy net_rim_tid_dynamic_ling_data_arabic_eg_45k_2.cod file to JL_Cmder Folder


write: cd C:\program files\JL_Cmder
then: Enter
JavaLoader.exe -usb load net_rim_tid_dynamic_ling_data_arabic_eg_45k_2.cod
then: Enter

5-Now your Blackberry will restart and is now ready to write Arabic.
Required Files and JL_Cmder are here

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