Eager iPhone Customers Paying Homeless people to Wait in Line

Eager iPhone Customers Paying Homeless to Wait in Line

Chris Esparza  
Eager iPhone Customers Paying Homeless to Wait in Line
Apple released their latest iPhone today, and is usually the case, countless people all over the country were camped out in front of stores in eager anticipation of receiving the 5S and 5C before the general population. However, some of these people were a little less patient then they were eager.
CBSNews reported early this morning that several persons in Los Angeles were paying the homeless to hold their spot in line until vouchers were handed out.
A homeless lady by the name of Mickie was interviewed and she informed viewers that she was picked up from a shelter by someone who wanted the new phone and would be paid an undisclosed amount of money to wait in line. She would receive her payment after handing over the voucher to the person who hired her.
“I was asked yesterday if I would be willing to sit in line for someone so they could get a phone. I said ‘Sure, I’ve got nothing else to do.’ So I’m here.”
Mickie was not the only homeless person who was asked to complete this task, with some people being paid as little as $35 to sit in line over night.
It’s no secret that I’m a pretty big fan of BlackBerry, but I don’t know if A) I would ever want to wait in line over night for a new product, and B) that I would want to pay anyone, let alone a homeless person, to do that waiting for me.
Part of me wants to comment on how this deed is a sad testament not only to society’s dependence on new technology, but also on the increasing laziness and willingness to pass off the work to someone else. I would love to talk about how borderline deplorable it is to get someone who lives on the street and pay them chump change so you can person a new device that costs hundreds of dollars. I won’t do that though, because different strokes for different folks and all that.
The one good thing out of this story is that all these new and returning  iPhone users will be able to get their BBM action rolling this weekend.
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