How do i unhide rows in Excel 2003 if the normal unhide function does not work?

Gary E answered 5 years ago
First try selecting the “cell” above the row numbers and left of the column numbers (to select the entire worksheet) and then selecting Format > Row > Unhide. If that doesn’t work or you just don’t want to unhide all rows, then follow the directions below.

In your workbook enter Alt+F11 (or right click on a worksheet name tab and select View Code.)

In the big window under the words Option Explicit, paste the following code.

Sub UnHideSomeRows()
Range("A1:A4").EntireRow.Hidden = False
End Sub

Place the cursor on the first line of this code and press F8 three times (or F5 once.)

That will unhide rows 1 – 4 without affecting any others.

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