Installing WebLogic 11g

Oracle Weblogic 11g is the new generation of Oracle Forms10g.

FMW (Oracle Fusion MiddleWare  )  is newer than Forms10g.

I found Weblogic more easier to run Oracle  Application over network and internet also.

Here's my steps I did to install both of Weblogic 11g  and FMW.

Windows Server 2003 is recommended

1# Install Oracle DB 10g or 11g    here's my howto

2# Download and Install Weblogic (Direct link...)

3# Download FMW (Links in attached PDF...)

4# Install FMW first part (file consists of 4 parts)

While installing ...make sure to check option :Install software-Do not configure

5# Install FMW Patchset file (file consists of 3 parts)

6# Copy tnsnames.ora file 

from:  C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_1\NETWORK\ADMIN\tnsnames.ora

To C:\oracle\Middleware\as_1

7# Configure Software :

Oracle Classic11g-Home1  then  Configure Classic Instance

While installing ...make sure to Uncheck option :Oracle Portal and  Oracle Discoverer

Make sure to save configuration in text file as you need it later.

8# Run both of  NodeManager  and wait until the word  port appears

9# Run both of  Start WebLogic and wait until the word  Running mode appears

10# Login to Weblogic Web interface ( It's always PC-Name:7001/console)

from the left corner select Environment then Servers then choose Control tab ,then  select WLS_FORMS and WLS_REPORTS  then  press Start button.

11# If Forms don't run well , then you can :

  • download Java J8u92
  • edit Formsweb.cfg to adapt with java
  • Add exception for forms site in Java application
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