Free IDM with patch

Here is Internet Download Manager ( IDM ) which increases download speed up to 4 times.
Internet Download Manager (IDM)You can download it here and use it for free with attached patch...
Download here....

Otherwise you can get Portable version of IDM too.
Just click here and download...

Easily Lock a Folder in Windows 7/Vista/XP

Easily Lock a Folder in Windows 7/Vista/XP:

How to lock a folder:

First you need to download the Folder Protector. (Seems is unable to give the download).
Just keep the Folder Protector to the targeted folder, whose contents will be locked.

Place the software to target location

Give your password two times and OK.
It's done! 

When unlocking type the password key and "Unprotect". Here you can also choose a method of unlocking the folder.

Unlock the folder

You can also select Protect Another to lock another directory.


Speed up Google Chrome:Hidden Tips

Speed up Google Chrome:Hidden Tips

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Recently, in 2012, Google Chrome has become the most popular browser for its flexibility, stability and simplicity. There is no doubt that it is faster and an advanced browserwith advanced features designed for all. Though sometimes it becomes slower comparing your requirements, PC hardware and imagination. For these reasons Google chrome will let you modify and make the browser more suitable in your working environment.

Here the time saving tips with some hidden tricks to increase the browsing, download and start-up speed of Chromebrowser.

Note: All these tips are same for Google Chrome 19 or above versions.

1. Set high priority to Google Chrome process.
Windows OS shares the processor time between all running processes based upon their priority. Setting the higher priority to a process means that the process is more important to the operating system compared other low priority processes. This will gear-up the start up time and browsing speed of the browser. To set a high priority to Google Chrome, open the Windows Task Manager by pressing "Ctrl+Shift+Esc" together. Then run the Browser and from Task Manager Find out the chrome.exe. Right click on it and set the priority higher.
High Priority to Chrome.exe

2. Disable Google Chrome automatic updates.
This will stop the Google chrome update process "GoogleUpdater.exe" and let the browser work more lightly every time. It helps the browser start-up more quickly. It also save some CPU and RAM usages. We have discussed it here and showed how to disable it.

3. Enabling GPU acceleration and composting.
Now-a-days web pages are more and more graphically designed for the users. So the web browsers are implementing hardware acceleration technology for GPU. This will help the browserto accelerate the GPU (graphics processing unit) signals on pages. Go to browser address bar in Google Chrome and type "chrome://flags" and hit Enter. Enable both GPU composting on all pages and GPU accelerated SVG and CSS filters.
GPU acceleration and composting settings

4. Configuring Settings.
This part will show only those settings whose are important for the browser to get some extra speed. It is also a useful idea for slow internet connection.
Go to the wrench icon top-right corner and click on Settings. Expand the Show advanced settings from the bottom of this page.
Google Chrome Settings

     a. Sign in. Connect it if you really need to sync your bookmarks, extensions, themes etc. Otherwise remain it disconnected.
Sign in option to sync data

     b. Appearances. Un-tick on both Show home button and Always show bookmark.
Appearances Settings

     c. Privacy. Un-tick on Use a web service to help resolve navigation errors and Automatically send usage statistics and crash reports to Google.
Privacy settings

     d. Languages. Un-mark the offer to translate only if you don't use to read content in other languages without English.
Offer to Translate Languages

     e. HTTPS/SSL. No need to choose Check for server certificate revocation. Becausecertificate revocation is not needed normally.

5. Disable Developer mode.
If you aren't a developer then disable this mode by going wrench icon > Tools > Extensions > un-tick Developer mode.
Developer Mode

6. Clear Browsing Data. There is nothing new to say that your browsing data will slow down thebrowser. So better is to practice clearing browsing data regularly. This option is available in wrench > Settings.
Clear all browsing data

From now you will notice that your Google Chrome browser is more speedy than before. 
Please note that some tips may not be same in future as the Google Chrome is realizing updates frequently and making changes to different options.


How To Downgrade Firefox Or Internet Explorer To A Previous Version

How To Downgrade Firefox Or Internet Explorer To A Previous Version


If your main beef with the latest version of Firefox is that your favorite add-ons are not working, don’t downgrade! Wait it out or make your add-ons compatible with any Firefox version. If, however, Firefox has become a snail or freezes or crashes regularly ever since you upgraded, downgrading may be your only option other than switching to a different browser.
Before you go ahead, back up your Firefox profile to be safe. A guide on the mozillaZineshows you how to locate your profile folder.
You do not have to uninstall Firefox to downgrade. Simply vist the Mozilla FTP Server using your browser, navigate to the Firefox version you want to downgrade to, e.g. > Firefox 4.0.1 >Win32 (for Windows 32-bit), > en-US (for US English version), download the > Firefox setup 4.0.1 exe file and run it to downgrade from Firefox 5 to Firefox 4.

Internet Explorer 9 to 8

Rather than downgrading Internet Explorer to a previous version, I would recommend you upgrade to another browser. If you are so attached to it, however, I will show you how to do it. If you want to downgrade Internet Explorer 8 to 7, please refer to this Microsoft Support article.
Before you continue, I recommend you create a system restore point. Please refer to this article: How To Fix Your PC Using Windows Restore in XP, Vista & 7 This will serve as a backup in case sometimes goes wrong during the downgrade. You can also use this Internet Explorer Backup tool. Once you have created the restore point or backed up your IE profile, you can proceed.
Go to > Start > Control Panel and under > Programs select > Uninstall a program.
On the left-hand side switch to > View installed updates.
downgrade internet explorer
In the list on the right-hand side find > Windows Internet Explorer 9, highlight it and click >Uninstall. Note that this will not install all of Internet Explorer. It will only uninstall the upgrade to IE9 and hence downgrade you to IE8.
downgrade firefox
Once the uninstall procedure has completed restart your computer and you should have Internet Explorer 8 back.
Note that Windows will attempt to upgrade you to Internet Explorer 9 again via Windows Updates. To prevent this from happening, go to > Start and type > Windows Update in the search field. From the results under > Programs select > Windows Update. In the respective window that opens, switch to > Change settings on the left-hand side. Under > Recommended updates uncheck > Give me recommended updates the same way I receive important updatesOR under > Important updates select > Download updates but let me choose whether to install them.


If you were looking for a way to downgrade Chrome, I have to disappoint you. Other than switching between different developer channels, I am not aware of a way to downgrade to a previous stable version of Chrome.
So what is your reason for downgrading your browser? Which browser are you attempting to downgrade and which version do you want to go back to? Please share your experiences and reasons with us!

Downgrade Browser

USB Security

Here is a great  program for preventing USB Flash antiviruses It does not need updates and runs automatically.

Here is Link

At Last : Microsoft Forefront Client Security

Many anti-viruses are now in market to use for free or to buy .
In my work IT suggests  Microsoft Forefront client security antivirus and sen us a link to updates regularly .

I loved it because of easiness,simplicity and lightness.
But when  I tried to install it at home it gave me error messages.
After many tries I could install it after installing two updates for Windows and it works now very good.

1- You can Get it From here...( I included Forefront Client Program)

2- Two Initial Updates

- To Get Updates download the latest definition file go to : then download Mpam-Fe.exe file,just double click after download then open Forefront and click check for updates.

Revo Uninstaller Fast,Quick,Portable Remover

Revo uninstaller   is a portable lite  program for removing any installed program in your PC.

It removes applications totally from registry.
It's useful in case you want to re-install patched program like IDM or UltraIso which needs a seial.

Download from here
From Here

Hack Administrator PAssword

If you forgot you Administrator password you can restore it very easy.
First you should be a member of administrators group.

The steps are :
1 -  At login screen press  a|t,ctrl and delete

2 - In the window that appears for the name type administrator leave the password blank

3 - In the new account go to start then run the type cmd then hit enter

4 - The command prompt will appear type in
net user
hit enter

5 - Type in
net user (account name) *
hit enter ,notice that you must leave space between account name and the *

6 - Type in new password

7 - Confirm new password

Notice that the passowds not shown for SECURITY REASONS so be CAREFUL



How to Change the Registered Name on a Windows PC: 6 steps

How to Change the Registered Name on a Windows XP

It's very easy,just follow these steps :
1 - From Start menu Click Run and type : regedit  then click OK

2 - Locate the key : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion

3 - On right pane you can find RegisteredOwner double click and write name you want then OK

4 - You have successfully changed Windows licensed to ...


I can't see left side panel in my computer...

Show left Pane in Windows XP

-Open My Computer
-Tools then Folder Options
-in General tab choose : Choose Common tasks in folders

It's finished...

Smallest Ghost Image I have ever seen

Ron’s TinyXP image for Aspire One

    Please pay attention: there is currently only ONE version of Ron’s image: Rev09. Any reference to Rev02 is a typo. Please search this page with over 750 posts before asking anything: most likely you will find your answer..
Ron has created an image of his Tiny XP installation customized for the Acer Aspire One and includes all the specific drivers, fan control software and Office. Ron’s image and the necessary tools can be found at this torrent:
Install instructions are posted after the break, but are also included in the archive.
Password of the rar files is Ron[nl].
The megaupload link will soon expire. Ron has decided not to renew this link and feels that all issues about this image has been discussed in these comments before. I’m sure you can find the image through other resources on the internet! The comment section will stay open.

Link :

* I downloaded image (.GHO File) It's only 450 MegaByte and removed some programs and installed others
really it's very good.
Download Torrent