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GNS3 Nodes Dont Save Config

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    Hi All !
    I have been using GNS3 since last one year successfully. All of a sudden today when I created a new lab (which have total 14 nodes of having IOS 3700) nodes have stopped saving the config. after shutdown or reboot. Some nodes are even not saving basic config. of passwords & banners and some are saving basic but not interface config. Please suggest a solution or a reason why its happening. Thanks

    This is a great error faced me for three days.
    The answer is :
    I will add that I in general will first issue wr command to save the configuration files in each router first.

    then I save the project file.

    This makes sure I don't lose any configurations.

    Move iPhone contacts to any Android

    Assalamo Alikom again...

    Yesterday a colleague asked me to move contacts of  IPhone 5s to new Samsung mega device.

    I tried installing an application called Sync4iCloud contacts from Google Play but it did not work at all.

    Then After many and many search tries I could get it :-)

    Here is how to move your IPhone contacts to android:

    #1 Login to your iCloud Account from iPhone

    #2 Make sure your data  has been synced fully to iCloud

    #3 Login to your iCloud Account from web browser

    #4 Click Contacts icon , wait until it loads , if you get error message try again to open it (keep patience)

    #5 Below left click gear icon and click select all

    #6 Click Export Vcard  , copy the downloaded file to SDCard

    #7 You are done....

    #8 Back to your Android device ...Open Contacts , from Menu choose import/Export

    #9 Now lookup file in SDCard  and choose it.

    #10 You are done again...


    It may does not works when you import exported Vcard to Google or Android and you will get Error message.
    So you are to convert Vcard to CSV using this great online tool:
    Then import your converted CSV to Android .

    VLC : Continue the playback where left off

    VLC is the greatest media player because it's free and play any media file.

    One of the best tricks I have recently found in version 2.2.1 is saving position of playing media where I left off.

    It's very useful when I watching my CCNA lessons.

    To enable this feature :

    Tools / Preferences / Interface / Main Interfaces / Qt / Continue Playback? (Always)

    Source :