[How To] ***relocked**** Hboot Htc Root Method -

If you unlocked your device using HTC unlock method (Welcome to HTCdev) and have Hboot 1.5

1. Enter FASTBOOT, and then connect to your computer (FASTBOOT USB will be shown)

2. Open command prompt in your computer

3. Relock your device by typing "fastboot oem lock", device will reboot.

4. Enter FASTBOOT again (you will see *** RELOCKED ***)

5. Apply the RUU.
located here http://rootzwiki.com...r-shipped-roms/

6. You device will be back to stock rom unrooted

Note: It will say "relocked" and not locked this way Sprint/HTC knows you have voided your warranty without the need of looking up your serial # Posted Image

[How To] ****relocked**** Hboot Htc Root Method - EVO 3D - RootzWiki:

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