HTC Official/Stock Arabic ROM

Hello Folks !

I have just bought an used HTC Wildfire S.
It`s avery good phone ,very good camera with very strong flash.
I wanted to try hoe to ROOT device, so  I tried many and many tries and at last I did it successfully.

After that I installed many unofficial roms like :
HTC_Marvel_Europe_10.35.3029H_7.46.35.08_release_185724_signed,HTCStockAsiaIndia-Marvel-tyrfifteen and others which sometimes it did not work at all.

so I decided to go back to official rom that was installed when i bought phone.
I searched many and many times but to no avail.
At last I found that Official Rom which supports Arabic (my language) .
It works very good.
here is the link to download :

you just copy the .zip file to sd card and reboot recovery and install zip file and it`s OK.

here is an other way to get Official Rom (Stock Rom) from RUU (Root Update Utility) from HTC Developpers website :
when you try to download rom it`s downloaded in .exe format .
so, how to extract from exe file.
steps are :
1- run exe file
2-after white box appears don`t click any thing
3-from start menu, open Run then write :%tmp% then click Enter
4-easily search for
5-you will find it somewhere , it`s it

The following video ,I found it ,explains how to extract rom from exe file.

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