HTC File manager missed, fix it here....

By default , every Android  HTC mobile comes without file manager application.

i have Wildfire s and it does not have it yet.

It`s a big trouble if you don`t have internet connection .

How to install file manager from sdcard using the internet browser.

1. Put a file manager apk in the main directory your sdcard. You may want to rename it to something very short for easy typing. In this example, I will use "fm.apk".

2. Boot your device. Goto Security Settings and check "Unknown Sources".

3. Open your internet browser. In the address bar type "file:///sdcard/fm.apk". Press "Go".
* note ":" and "///"  symbols very well.

4. It may asks you to play online or download , choose Play On Line.

5. Then choose to Install. That's it! Installation started !


Source: How to install a file manager from sdcard using internet browser - xda-developers:

Edited By : Me < Mohammed Faramawy >

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